A poem in which I try to tell you I love you, again

The first one I wrote
Had too many metaphors
You didn’t get it

a haiku

I told him, “slap me”
and he did. but goddamn it,
I just missed you more.

note to self: eat
if you are having a mini emotional/mental breakdown there is a 99% chance that it’s because you forgot to eat

there are spiders in your liver

the doctor pulled the jaw of a frog out of your throat

you savor the papercuts on your eyeballs

something in you is not quite right.

just when I thought I could start wearing short sleeves again

late night haikus

wear your shirt to bed
a third of a day away
fabric on sad skin

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it’s getting so much worse but it’s at the point where it doesn’t even bother me


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wow just wow i feel like everything changed in the best way and i don’t know if positive change can just suddenly happen like this

but at the very least you helped me take the first step and man i am just so glad i talked to you and told you all of those things

2013 is looking up and it hasn’t even started yet